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What is PC-Warrants?
PC-Warrants is an easy to use software package that allows you to perform warrant analysis for traffic signals and multi-way stop signs. This program makes your job easier by performing the calculations used in doing a comprehensive warrant study.

Does it support the standards in the MUTCD?
PC-Warrants supports the standards in the latest editions of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), going back to 2000. As far as we understand it, almost all states support the Federal standards so support for specific states has never been a problem. It isn’t always obvious the the state standards are the same as the Federal ones, but every time we have checked this carefully it turns out to be true. This is true in California, New York, and Texas, three states which used to have variations in the way they did warrants.

Does it support my traffic counter data format?
Volume data can be imported directly from a variety of file formats, including Jamar’s PETRAPro and TRAXPro programs. It also imports volume data from files generated by Streeter/Peek, ITC, Numetrics, TimeMark, and Mitron.
Additional data can be manually entered using intuitive graphical interfaces. You can also generate volume data from estimated ADTs to do warrant studies for new developments.

How much does it cost?
$695 for new customers.
If you are an educational institution and use the software in your teaching or research, then there is a $100 discount.

Do I need a separate license for each computer?
No. The software is sold with a “site license” which means you can run  the software on as many different computers as you want at the same time as long as all of the computers are part of the same office or site.  For example, if you are a consultant and you have two offices, you need separate licenses for each office; you can’t share one license between the two offices. If you aren’t sure what this means for you then just call and we can discuss it.

Is this the same software that Jamar sold?
Yes. Ridge Engineering developed PC-Warrants for Jamar in 2001 and did most of the support since then. A few years ago Jamar decided they no longer needed outside contractors so the relationship with Ridge ended (very amicably). Jamar also didn’t want to further develop and support PC-Warrants so Ridge bought it. Now Ridge will develop, market, sell, and support the software. This site is the result.

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