Features of PC-Warrants

Warrant Analysis Software
PC-Warrants is an easy to use software package that allows you to perform warrant analysis for traffic signals and multi-way stop signs. This program makes your job easier by performing the calculations used in doing a comprehensive warrant study.

Volume data can be imported directly from a variety of file formats, including Jamar’s PETRAPro and TRAXPro programs. It also imports volume data from files generated by Streeter/Peek, ITC, Numetrics, TimeMark, and Mitron.

Additional data can be manually entered using intuitive graphical interfaces. You can also generate volume data from estimated ADTs to do warrant studies for new developments.

PC-Warrants supports the standards in the 2000/2003 and 2009 editions of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

Features of PC-Warrants

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Perform Traffic Signal or Multi-Way Stop Sign Studies
How the traffic at an intersection should be controlled is one of the most important decisions a traffic engineer is faced with. PC-Warrants helps to make this decision easier by performing some of the standard calculations needed for traffic signal or multi-way stop sign warrant studies.

PC-Warrants Startup Wizard

Use 2003 or 2009 MUTCD Standards
The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), published by the Federal Highway Administration, defines the standards that should be applied when considering the installation of a traffic signal or multi-way stop signs. PC-Warrants allows you to use the standards of the 2000/2003 as well as the newer 2009 edition.

PC-Warrants Preference Settings

View Warrant Summary
The Warrant Summary screen provides you with an easy to understand summary of the details of your study. Color-coding makes it easy to see which warrants are being evaluated, whether more data is needed for particular warrants and whether a warrant is met or not.

PC-Warrants Warrant Summary

View Each Warrant Individually
From the Warrant Summary screen you can select to look at the data and calculations for each warrant on an individual basis. This detailed information lets you know exactly why a warrant was met, or not met.

PC-Warrants Warrant Detail

Intuitive Graphical Interface for Data
The Site Data screen provides an easy way for you to input data that will be used in evaluating warrants. The graphical depiction of the intersection allows you to be sure the data you are entering is going in the right place.

PC-Warrants Site Details

Import Volume Data
One of the most important parts of any warrant analysis is dealing with traffic volumes. Data can be manually entered, but the most efficient way is to import data directly from other programs. PC-Warrants will import data directly from Jamar’s PETRAPro and TRAXPro programs, as well as a number of other file formats.

PC-Warrants Volume Import Wizard

Analyze Planned Intersections
How do you do a warrant study for an intersection that doesn't yet exist? PC-Warrants answers this by allowing you to generate traffic volumes from estimated Average Daily Traffic (ADT). You can easily create a volume profile that takes into account the fluctuation of traffic flows throughout the day.

PC-Warrants Planning

Comprehensive Reports
The reports available from the program provide extensive details of all areas of the data analysis. Each warrant is listed, along with information on whether or not it was evaluated for the study and whether the data met its criteria.

PC-Warrants Reports

Minimum Computer Requirements

Windows PC
1024 x 768 resolution, 256 colors
Mouse or other pointing device
20 MB of free space on hard drive
CD-ROM drive (installation only)

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