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PC-Warrants 2

What is PC-Warrants 2?
PC-Warrants 2 is the new version of PC-Warrants that replaces version 1.

Is this a completely new program?
Yes and No. The software was completely re-written from scratch in a much more modern language than version 1, which was originally written in 2000. However the design of the software is still basically the same with the same basic screen design so existing users won't have any problems adapting to the new software.

What are the new features?
 The most significant change is the addition of separate reports for each warrant. The summary page is still the same but the second page with the very problematic graph is now gone (if you don't know what this means, consider yourself lucky). Now there are separate pages for each warrant so the tabular data and graphs are very easy to understand.

New in Version 2 are two  new features:

Study Score: This is a completely new feature (not in Version 1) where you can give a ‘score’ to a study based on weighting factors you create and edit. You can then compare different intersections that meet warrants to help decide the priority of which intersections to invest the money and time to upgrade to full signal control.

Mapping: You can map the location of your studies on a map with an icon that shows whether the intersection meets the warrants or not and also show the Score of each study. Maps are free from the US Census bureau.

Another new ‘feature’ is the lack of complications running on Windows 7 or newer computers. You don't have to set any odd settings for the software to run the way you expect.

One reason to re-write the software was to make it easier to add new features (the software we used for version 1 was pretty cool in 2000 but awful compared to what we have now). We expect to add new features to version 2 as the opportunity arises. In general all ideas come from users so if you have any thoughts then please let us know.

How much will it cost?
For new users the cost is the same as version 1, $695 typically.

For other  users who want to upgrade the cost is $195.

Do I need a new serial number?
Yes. The software is designed to run on the same computer as version 1 in case you want to go back to the other version for some reason (initially this might be a good idea until the bugs are worked out). You can have both versions on the same computer but you will need a separate serial number for PC-Warrants 2.

How do I learn more?
Take a look at the tutorial on the Tutorials page that gives an overview the new software. If you want to try the software to see how it looks on your computer then download the software and install it. You need Admin rights (like all Windows software) to install it so you may have to involve your IT department (sorry about that). It installs in Demo mode and you can open and look at the sample data included and print the new reports.  If you want to actually use the software with your own data  then email us (don@gettner.com works) or fill out the form on the Contact Us page. We will send you a temporary serial number to use all of the features of the software.

Is I'm not sure my boss (IT department, wife, gardner, pick one) will want me to try brand new software.
That’s fine. If you would rather use version 1 until more people have tested version 2 then let us know and we will send you a serial number for version 1.

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