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PC-Warrants Sold

In October, 2008 Jamar Technologies sold PC-Warrants to us here at Ridge Engineering, Inc., with the sale effective on Nov 1, 2008. Ridge is the Florida based consulting company that developed PC-Warrants for Jamar in 2001 and has been doing most of the support for the software ever since. You may have talked to Don or Jody at one time or another and didn’t realize we did not actually work for Jamar.

This deal was made because Jamar decided they did not want to use outside contractors for software development; they have their own in-house programmers now. However, they also didn’t want to try to duplicate all of the knowledge that Ridge has developed over the years, and the tech support people did not really want to learn all of the subtle aspects of the software.

The answer was fairly simple. Ridge bought the rights to PC-Warrants and will develop, market, sell, and support it. This will guarantee that the software will be developed in a speedy manner and that the support for existing customers will continue without interruption.

What does this mean for you, the existing or potential user? Not much really. You still will interact with us here at Ridge. We will continue to support the existing users of the software just like before; even the phone number is still the same. The main difference is that you won’t contact Jamar directly for anything. Before, all sales related issues would go to Jamar and all technical questions would come to us. Now all of the contacts will be with us.

There is an immediate benefit for the potential user. One of the first things we did was lower the price of the software. The list price for the software is now $695. We also simplified the licensing agreement; now it is a site license with no ‘seats’ meaning you can install the software on as many computers as you  wish (as long as all of the computers are part of the same office or site.

Give us a call and we’ll gladly explain this transition in greater detail.

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