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Thank you for visiting the PC-Warrants support site. Here you will find information about the PC-Warrants software and how to use it in your work.

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PC-Warrants 2 is now available!
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Version 2.0.6250, the first release version, is posted. This version fixes a few bugs found by the initial testers.

Version 2.0.6137, an update to the beta version of PC-Warrants 2 is posted. This version fixes a bug in the Warrant 3A report that caused the program to crash on some computers. You can download the PC-War2.exe update file if you have installed version 2.0.6120 or 2.0.6137. Others should download the full installer.

Version 2.0.6132, an update to the beta version of PC-Warrants 2 is posted. This version has some  bug fixes as well as a few new features on the Map:
- You can now set the Map Icon size using a drop down list.
- You can Print a one page report showing the current view of the map.
- You can select a study on the map and then click a button labeled Google and the code will run Google Earth and zoom into the location of the selected study. (You need Google Earth installed on your computer).

Version 2.0.6120, an update to the beta version of PC-Warrants 2 is posted. This version has bug fixes as well as 3 major new features:
1- Multiway Stop support
2- Study ‘Score’ feature where each study is given a score based on a matrix of weighting factors you enter. Different studies can then be compared to decide which of the warranted intersections should be upgraded.
3- Mapping feature where you can map the location of your studies on a map of your county and show whether the study is warranted or not and show the ‘Score’ for that study.

Each of these new features has a new tutorial on the Tutorials page to show how it works.

A preliminary version of PC-Warrants, version 2 is posted. This is the new software that will replace the version 1 software. This is a preliminary version; the idea is to get comments and bug notes from interested users. If you are somewhat adventurous then give it a try. Go to the Downloads page to download the installer.


Version 1.23.0 posted. This fixes several bugs. All users are encouraged to update their versions to this latest one.

Version 1.22.0 posted. This fixes several bugs.

Version 1.20.3 posted. This fixes a bug in the reports for Warrant 4 where the result was correct but the number of hours that met the criteria was always showing as zeros.

Version 1.20.2 posted. This fixes a couple of bugs, including one where the Report Titles print improperly (showing odd characters).

Version 1.20.0 posted. This is a minor update that fixes a few problems found in 1.19. The plot on the 2nd page of the report now shows the top 20 hours based on 15 minute intervals, instead of hourly data only. Also the program now will evaluate the warrant if you only have one hour of volume data and have enabled only the Peak Hour warrant.

Version 1.19.1 posted. This version adds an Import PC-TAS module to the Volume Import Wizard so that turning movement studies processed in PC-TAS (www.pc-tas.com and www.countingcars.com) can be imported. Both vehicles and peds are imported. A tutorial showing this process is now available on the Tutorials page.

Many releases not shown here

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