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PC-Warrants 2 is available for testing!
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3-21-16 A preliminary version of PC-Warrants, version 2 is posted. This is the new software that will replace the version 1 software. This is a preliminary version; the idea is to get comments and bug notes from interested users. If you are somewhat adventurous then give it a try. Go to the Downloads page to download the installer.


Version 1.22.0 posted. This fixes several bugs. All users are encouraged to update their versions to this latest one.

Version 1.20.3 posted. This fixes a bug in the reports for Warrant 4 where the result was correct but the number of hours that met the criteria was always showing as zeros.

Version 1.20.2 posted. This fixes a couple of bugs, including one where the Report Titles print improperly (showing odd characters).

Version 1.20.0 posted. This is a minor update that fixes a few problems found in 1.19. The plot on the 2nd page of the report now shows the top 20 hours based on 15 minute intervals, instead of hourly data only. Also the program now will evaluate the warrant if you only have one hour of volume data and have enabled only the Peak Hour warrant.

Version 1.19.1 posted. This version adds an Import PC-TAS module to the Volume Import Wizard so that turning movement studies processed in PC-TAS (www.pc-tas.com and www.countingcars.com) can be imported. Both vehicles and peds are imported. A tutorial showing this process is now available on the Tutorials page.

Version 1.19.0 posted. This version changes the way hours are defined for Warrants 1 and 2 so they can use hours with 15 minute boundaries (for example, 7:15-8:15). The second page of the report is also changed to show the hours used to evaluate the warrants. A tutorial explaining the changes is now available on the Tutorials page.

Version 1.18.4 posted.
This version fixes a bug in the Site Data screen where the What’s Missing list incorrectly showed Gap Data Missing when Warrant 9 is enabled.

Version 1.18.3 posted.
This version adds a section on the Site Data screen where you can enable and disable the warrants and sub-sections. Previously you had to go to the Preferences screen to do this. Also fixed a bug in the Warrant 9 code that prevented the Main screen from showing the proper evaluation of that warrant.

Added an Introduction to PC-Warrants tutorial that shows the basics of the software, including the new changes. Go to the Tutorials page to watch this tutorial.

Version 1.18.2 posted. This version adds a Right Turn Reduction Worksheet to allow you to factor the right turns of the approach volumes in different ways. It includes a worksheet for the procedures used by the Ohio DOT (and others) to reduce right turns based on the intersection configuration and the hourly volumes on each approach.

Added a tutorial for the new Right Turn Reduction Worksheet that is now in PC-Warrants. Go to the Tutorials page to watch this tutorial.

Version 1.18.1 released. This version supports both the 2003 MUTCD and the newer 2009 MUTCD.

Update to the Beta version of 1.17.2 is available for testing.
This version adds support for the 2009 MUTCD.
Two new tutorials are available on the Tutorials page. One for the modified Pedestrian warrant, and one for the new Rail Crossing warrant.

Version 1.16.0 released. Adds support for new  Jamar PetraPro 1.6.0 turning movement count data file format.

Version 1.15.2 released. Fixes problem importing TimeMark VIAS volume counts and fixes problem of wrong path selected when the user selects Open Existing Study from the Startup Option screen or on the Main screen.

Version 1.15.1 released. Adds support for the new Jamar TraxPro data file format (.td2 files).

Version 1.15.0 released. First release with Ridge Engineering references.

Jamar sells PC-Warrants to Ridge Engineering, Inc. Click here for more...

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